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Transcription Types and Formats:

Speaking broadly about transcription means converting audio recorded transcription dictation to the text format but transcription is a lot more than that. Basically it depends on the clients requirement. There are 3 types of transcription format which are being for transcribing audio files world over:

1. Verbatim Transcripts: When a client asks for a verbatim transcript format then he means that every single word or line mumbled or spoken needs to be recorded as it are spoken by the speaker in the audio file. Verbatim Transcription would require the transcribe to transcribe even those half sentences and phrases that were spoken in the recording. While working on a verbatim transcription the transcriber needs to pay close attention to all kind of emotions displayed in the audio recorded file. Even those-  mmmm.. , hmmmm., I mean.. ,  I know.. Got it types-  common words to be added in the transcripts.  Even the emotions like- laughter, fear, excitement, tremors in voice is to be noted down while working on verbatim type of transcripts. These Transcripts are mostly done for legal cases where every word could be a part of evidence.  Verbatim Transcripts involves good amount of time and attention hence these are the most expensive ones.

2. Edited Transcripts:  In these transcripts the transcribeR can omit sentences while transcribing without changing the sense of the recording. It takes a lot of understanding from the part of the transcribe as to understand what is clutter and what makes sense. Even edited transcripts are time consuming but they are not as time consuming as Verbatim Transcripts. Edited Transcripts involves more of understanding of the content of the audio rather than word to word attention.. These type of transcription are usually preferred when transcribing an audio recorded file of a seminar, speeches, conferences etc. These Transcripts are also paid well in the Transcription Industry.

3. Intelligent Transcripts: Intelligent Transcripts are transcripts that make pure sense and are smart transcription types as they are accurate transcripts. While working on an Intelligent Transcription format the transcribe need not pay attention to those pause which sounds like- " hmmm,  know, Got it,  kinda, you know, ahaan" etc. .. As these words add no value to the content so these need not to be mentioned while working on an Intelligent Transcript format. Intelligent Transcripts are usually used while transcribing interviews as it involves conversation type audio hence there are  chances that there would be more - "hmmm,  know, Got it,  kinda, you know, ahaan," types of words. Such words acts as pauses for the transcriber. In comparison to Verbatim and Edited Transcription, Intelligent transcription takes the least amount of time for a transcribe. These 3 transcript Formats has its own positives and negatives and it entirely depends on the client as to which one he requires. Based on the type he requires would affect the time needed to transcribe an audio file and the cost of transcribing the file.

Submitted by:
Sarah H.  New York, Transcriptionist


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